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    Doctor. Manager. President.

    I am Evie Powell, currently the President / Creative Director of Verge of Brilliance LLC, an independent game studio based in Seattle WA. I’ve been running this company for the 1.5 years and absolutely love it. You can learn more about my company at www.vergeofbrilliance.com. I have an extensive background in game development and experimental game designs. I love iterating quickly while simultaneously pushing boundaries with game design. Game jams are a both an art form and a form of entertainment to me.

    One might notice the Ph. D proceeding my name. Yes, the Ph.D. is real. I studied game design (pervasive game design) and computer science at a doctorate level while in grad school at UNC Charlotte. Ultimately, the time in school allowed me to really dive deep on the future of games and technology and primed me for a career of forward thinking in gameplay design and development.

    What am I not seeing?I’m a big fan of exploring dynamic systems in games. I constantly obsess over Minecraft. I love building sandboxes and trying new methods of interactions. I enjoy ethnographic observation, figuring out just what makes people enjoy or dislike a design, and furthermore understanding how internal and external environment lends itself to game experiences.

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  • Games

    Check out some of my games and game related projects here. I will add more to this section as I find more of my old projects. As I transition out of research and academic projects you will find more of my work at vergeofbrilliance.com (Coming Soon!). Stayed Tuned...

    My Games

    Here are a few of my other games that have come out of side projects and research over the years.

    TableTilt 2
    Players work together to beat the clock. Teamwork. […]

    Feel the beat. Dodge the void. A 36 hour game.[…]

    Baby Mammoths Journey to Mars. […]

    Usagi no Sakka
    A party game about bunnies and soccer[…]

  • My Music

    Evie loves playing musician / composer / producer on the weekends. Sometimes this overlaps with her love of games and sometimes it doesnt. Check it all out here.

    Other Game Music
    Doesn't really fit in the other categories. Find Baby Mammoth and other music here.

    My talented nephew and his crew: Flash Gordon and Jazzo.

    Battle Themes
    Xenogears, Final Fantasy, JRPG inspired. I heart battle themes. I wish that was a job description: Battle theme composer.

    Representing skater population of Kent WA. Original sound and powerful messages.

    Mood / Sound Scapes
    Because sometimes I'm in a mood. My versions of poetry.

    Quinn B from GP freestyling to one of my beats. This dude is awesome.

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    Bellevue WA 98007
    Skype Name: neoquistis
    Xbox LIVE: neoquistis
    PSN: parasiteEvie
    Minecraft: coming soon
    LinkedIn: eve powell
    E-mail: evie@vergeofbrilliance.com

    I am happy to receive game and research related opportunities! Please fill out the contact form and I will reach out as soon as I can.

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  • Research Docs and Presentations

    Pervasive games have the potential to create large social impacts on players and non-players alike. However, this can only happen when the game becomes integrated and accepted within a social community - or in other words, is socially adopted in its target environment. A socially pervasive game must also adapt to allow people to play at their own convenience. In my research I describe Powell's Pervasive Play Lens (3PL), a framework for the design and analysis of socially pervasive games.

    View Dissertation here

    Game Changer
    While the health benefits of exercise are wide-ranging and wellknown, the population of the United States is suffering from a lack of physical activity. We believe that combining elements of social interaction with exercise in video games will lead to increased and sustained engagement in physical activity. In this paper, we present an initial design of GameChanger, a middleware to support the development of a new generation of social exergames that interweave physical activity as a core game mechanic with social elements such as competition and collaboration.

    Link to paper

    SNAG: social networking games to facilitate interaction
    Because professional relationships and a sense of community are so important for career mobility and satisfaction, it is important to foster and support these relationships early. However, research has shown that women and underrepresented minorities approach these relationships differently and may need help to develop networking skills. To combat both of these problems, we present SNAG, (Social Networking and Games), a suite of mobile and Internet games to facilitate social networking within a professional community.

    Link to paper

    Table tilt: making friends fast
    Social capital implies that social networks have value. It is therefore important that when a person is at an academic conference, they must strive to build a strong professional social network for themselves. This can be difficult for many academic conference attendeees. We present Table Tilt, a two-minute ice-breaker game for 2--6 players with iPhones or iPods, that was built to facilitate team building and help individuals build social capital.

    Link to paper

  • A.Void

    Theme: Minimalism.
    I worked on this game with four other Microsofties in a 36 hour game jam. Definitely one of the most laid back game jams I've participated in (this is a good thing). The design of dynamic generation of the games musical track (the bass that is generated by the void) was something I really enjoyed working on. It was also awesome to focus on music and sound effects. The game was highly praised for its music and its integration into the games mechanic. Check out the comments on the game submission (Ludem Dare) website.

    The team
    Justin Nafziger
    Cole Wardell
    Amanda O'neal
    Ty Taylor
    Evie Powell

    Try it!
    Chase the tiny color bits and avoid the void. You'll figure it out…

    Play a.void now!

    Unity Plugin required.

  • Baby Mammoths Journey To Mars

    Theme: Extinction.
    I worked on this game with three other UNCC students in a 48 hour game jam. We liked it so much we kept going after the game jam ended, purchased an XNA license and submitted to the Xbox indie arcade. Check out the original submission on the game submission (Global Game Jam) website.

    The team
    Thomas Phifer
    Richard Suarez
    Veronica Catete
    Evie Powell

    Try it!
    Help Baby Mammoth escape by jumping over cliffs, bashing through trees and dodging hungry buzzards!

    Click here to watch a fan video I found on the interwebs.

    Available on Xbox Indie Arcade ($1).

  • Table Tilt 2

    Theme: Team Building
    One of my research interests was employing games to serve non-play based initiatives. I was asked to build an ice-breaker game for an academic conference and this is what we came up with. Actually, there are two version, the original prototype done over a summer by 3 researchers and a revisit of the title a couple of years later.

    The team
    Rachel Brinkman (prototype)
    Christy Thornton (prototype)
    Evie Powell

    Try it!
    This game is played in 2 minute sessions in which players must work together to complete as many puzzles as possible. Planning, communication, leadership, are all things that contribute to the successful completion of this game in multiplayer settings.

    Click here to watch a video of several people cycling in and out of TableTilt game sessions.

    Check out the game on the iOS App Store.

  • Usagi no Sakka: Bunny Soccer

    Theme: Shenanigans
    A UNCC game design capstone class project. At its core, Usagi no Sakka is fundamentally a game about backyard soccer: The rules are fast and loose, and the bottom line is just having fun. Oh yeah, and there are bunnies. Even though the ball is roughly as big as they are, they still play hard for the win!

    Another fundamental element at the heart of Usagi no Sakka are the Shenanigans. A Shenanigan is basically a tool that allows the player to bend the rules a tad (just a tad), and pull off some crazy maneuver that gives them a momentary edge. For instance, your bunny might pickup a speed carrot, which obviously gives you a speed boost. A Power carrot gives your kicks more punch. You might even knock some other bunnies down with the ball! You might even go so far as to be extremely inconsiderate, and throw a bear trap onto the field. Oh nos!

    The team
    Mark Peskir
    John Beck
    Christina Richardson
    Evie Powell

    Try it!
    Download for ccgame for PC.

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